Albumin BCG – Randox Reagent

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  • 6×100 ml
  • 600 T
  • Stability / each Vial : 90 days
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Albumin is the most abundant circulating protein found in plasma, representing approximately half of the total protein content in health human plasma. Synthesised by liver hepatocytes, it is rapidly excreted into the bloodstream, approximately 10gm – 15gm per day, with little remaining in the liver. It is responsible for the maintenance of colloidal osmotic pressure, provision of the majority of plasma antioxidant activity, and the binding of a variety of compounds.

Benefits of the Randox Albumin Assay:

  • Exceptional measuring range: The Randox albumin assay has a measuring range 2.87 – 75.5 g/l for the comfortable detection of clinically important results
  • Excellent Precision: The Randox albumin assay displayed a within run precision of <1.97
  • Stable to Expiry Date: Stable to expiry date when stored at +15 Degrees Celsius to +25 Degrees Celsius
  • Liquid Ready-to-use: Available in a liquid ready-to-use format for convenience and ease-of-use
  • Calibrator and Controls available: Calibrator and controls available for a complete testing package
  • Applications Available: Applications available detailing instrument-specific settings for the convenient use of the Randox albumin assay on a variety of clinical chemistry analyzers
Alb - Randox


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