ALT (SGPT) Alanine Aminotransferase Reagent, Kinetic – Randox Reagents

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ALT measurements are used in the diagnosis of hepatic damage and diseases including viral hepatitis and cirrhosis.

The normal concentration levels of ALT in the blood are low, however, when damaged, the liver releases more ALT into the blood causing the concentration levels to rise.  When diagnosing for hepatic damage, the root cause of the damage can be established, such as disease, drug, or injury.


Key Benefits of the Randox Alanine Amonitransferase (ALT) reagent:

  • Wide Measuring Range: The healthy range for ALT is 7 – 56 U/l, but the Randox Alanine Amonitransferase (ALT) assay can comfortably detect levels outside of the healthy range, measuring from 4.25 – 666 U/l
  • Measuring Stability: ALT is stable to expiry when stored at +2 to +8 Degrees Celsius
  • Suitable for use on a range of analyzers: The Randox Alanine Amonitransferase (ALT) reagent is suitable to use on a number of third party analyzers including the Abbott, Olympus, Cobas and Hitachi. 


Other Features of the Alanine Amonitransferase (ALT) Reagent:

  • IFCC method
  • Available as liquid & lyophilized reagents
  • Stable to expiry when stored at +2 to +8 Degrees Celsius
  • Wide measuring range 4.25 – 666 U/l


ALT - randox


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