CK-NAC – Randox Reagent

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  • Stability / each Vial: 21 days
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The Randox CK-NAC reagent is used for the measurement of CK in serum or plasma to assess the extent of muscle damage and to monitor treatment.

The determination of CK-NAC activity in plasma or serum provides a sensitive marker for the detection of skeletal muscle disease; and is also useful to assess the extent of severe muscle trauma, crush injuries, burns or electrocution, and the likelihood of developing rhabdomyolysis.

Key Benefits of the Randox CK-NAC Reagents:

  • Exceptional Correlation with standard methods: The Randox methodology was compared against other commercially available methods and the Randox CK-NAC assay showed a correlation coefficient of r=0.99
  • Wide measuring range: The Randox CK-NAC reagent can comfortably detect levels outside of the healthy range measuring between 9.16-2886 U/l
  • Excellent Stability: Stable until expiry date when stored at +2 to +8 Degrees Celsius

Other Features of the Randox CK-NAC Reagent:

  • UV-DGKC method
  • Available as liquid and lyophilized reagents
  • Stable until expiry date when stored at +2 to +8 Degrees Celsius
  • Measuring range of 9.16 – 2886 U/I


CK - Randox


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