DIESSE – Mini Cube

Sold by: Afak Afak


Automatic continuous loading instrument for the determination of the ESR on 4 samples simultaneously directly on the hematocrit tube. USB and Bluetooth connector for personal computer, smart-phone and tablet. External bar code reader and printer (optional).

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  • No dedicated citrate tube needed:
    • The test is performed on blood samples collected in the same top lavender tubes used for full blood count
  • User friendly:
    • Continuous loading of samples, touch screen interface, USB port and Bluetooth connection to PC, Tablet and Smartphone
  • Environmentally Friendly:
    • No production of waste materials, no extra-costs for waste disposal
  • No Biological Risk:
    • ESR is determined in the same full cell count closed tube:
      • No contact with blood
      • No blood is withdrawn
      • No liquid waste is produced




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