Genrui KT – 60 – Hematology Analyzer

Sold by: Beta Lab Group

65,000 EGP

The latest version and a smart one of the Genrui KT-6400 Hematology Analyzer. KT-60 is an up-to-date hematology analyzer providing smart counting mode for low value samples with only 9 µl whole blood required.

It’s a wise choice for the small & medium labs, clinics or hospitals that require cost-effective solution by offering a complete solution with a built-in system and reliable clinical support

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  • Principle: Impedance for cell counting
  • Colorimetric method for HGB
  • 21 parameters, 3 histograms
  • Smart WBC mode, smart PLT mode, smart WBC/PLT mode
  • 600,000 results with histograms
  • Reagents:
    • Diluent
    • Lyse
    • PB Cleanser


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