Haier Biomedical – Pharmacy Refrigerators – HYC-1378

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Large Upright Double-Door Pharmacy Refrigerator with Glass Doors, 1378L Capacity. Microprocessor Controller with LED Display and Multiple Alarms. Access Port and USB Interface as Standard

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  • Five Alarm Functions
    • High/Low temperature, power failure, sensor error, low battery and door ajar
  • Adjustable Shelves
    • The shelves are adjustable to any height to fulfill different requirements
  • Specially Designed Slot for Sign Card
    • Adjustable shelves, the slot is designed to be clear. Easily store items
  • Heated Double Panel Glass Door
    • Clear display of stored products without condensation at 32 Degrees Celsius and 85% relative humidity condition
  • Self Closing Door
    • Energy conserving. Maintains temperature uniformity to protect valuable samples


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