MS4-S 5 Part diff., Fully Automated Hematology Cell Counters

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135,000 EGP

  • This fully automatic MS4s® cell counter provides 21 parameters with 5-part differentiation of leukocytes in only 85 seconds.
  • For fast, easy and accurate determination of value, it requires only 30μl of whole blood
  • The MS4s® compiles the 5-part diff fully automatic (lymphocytes, monocytes, neutrophils, eosinophils and basophils)
  • The MS4s® works with open and/or closed blood tubes
  • The combination of practical size (DIN A4 size) and an affordable price is a unique solution in a modern design
  • The MS4s® is fully automated, low maintenance, patient friendly, economic and fast
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  • The hematology analyzer has the following advantages:
    • Best price for hematology analyzers with 5-part differentiation (true count of eosinophils)
    • Compact size, smallest size in this class (about A4 paper size)
    • Specially developed for POC measurements
    • Flexibility due to different reagent pack sizes for up to 110, 225 or 900 measurements
    • Even with longer idle times, no higher reagent consumption is required because the MS4s® does not perform any automatic rinsing cycles during there times
    • No warm-up time necessary
    • Automatic stand-by times programmable
    • The MS4s® does not require daily calibrations
    • Temperature-independent
    • High measurement accuracy through digital technology
    • Built-in high resolution graphics printer
    • Possible to connect to various external standard office printers and to the laboratory computer information system
    • Connection to an external computer keyboard or a barcode reader for patient-data identification
  • Blood Count Determination:
    • Step 1: Insert blood or capillary blood collection tube
    • Step 2: Start the measurement
    • Step 3: Now you can read the results

With the advantage of a built-in printer, all printer results will include histograms, patient data and reference ranges

For the connection to a computer, an external printer, a barcode reader and an external keyboard, The MS4s® hematology analyzer includes 2 serials; one parallel and one keyboard interface

  • Easy operation with user guide
  • Colour graphics screen
  • Memory for the last 100 patient data
  • Preset interface ranges for men, women and newborns
  • Two further programmable interface ranges are available


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