MS4-Se 3 Part diff., Fully Automated Hematology Cell Counters

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  • The fully automatic MS4-Se represents an innovative concept of a 3-part differential blood cell counters.
  • Fully digital, the results are reliable and accurate.
  • Blood doesn’t need to be diluted.
  • Efficient quality control program perfectly meets all demanding worldwide standards.
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  • Simplicity:
    • 4 numeric data banks offering rapid access and selection (Man, woman, new born, 2 unidentified)
    • Input of the identification with a PC alphanumeric keyboard and/or barcode (Optional)
    • Color graphic screen
    • Complete cleaning after each cycle
    • Totally automatic daily cleaning
  • Features:
    • Totally automatic
    • Monocytes & Mixed Cells alternatively available
    • USB Port with results transfer (Optional)
    • Ethernet Port (Optional)
    • 3 Pre-Programmed digital data banks (man, woman, new born) and 2 unidentified banks
    • A mere allow the operator to obtain a complete blood check-up
    • Barcode and/or alphanumeric identification
    • Neither handling nor service needed
    • Very economical cost/test
  • Power:
    • No handling, entirely automatic
  • Blood Quantity:
    • A mere 16 µl allows the operator to obtain complete and trustworthy results
  • 18 Parameters & LMG:
    • Parameters measured and calculated in a few seconds with 3 cellular distribution histograms
  • Quality Control:
    • 3-level control blood management program
    • Edition of complete quality control reports
  • Database:
    • 250 files on-line with histograms
    • Edition and/or data transfer on computer media
  • Reliable Accurate Analysis:
    • Quadridimensional numeric cellular analysis
    • 5 counts per canal at fixed time periods
    • Double electronic detection of possible blockings
    • Automatic double dilution for hight leucocyte samples
  • Innovation:
    • Numeric Concept:
      • Flexibility and sophisticated operative capabilities
      • Reliability and stability of results throughout time
      • Simplicity and reduces size of the electronic equipment
    • MS-Card:
      • Smart Card managing the generic reagents
      • Enables the laboratory to work with its usual reagents
    • Electronically-Controlled Valve:
      • Electronically balance-controlled valve (no clipping of tubes)
      • Avoids the maintenance problems of the diluter
      • Clot filters installed to avoid blockages
Place of Origin France
70 Samples/hour


Dimension 21x33x24 cm
High Voltage Burn & High Pressure Flush
2 Channels
12 Kg
250 Analysis, 10,000 Storage (Optional)


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