MS9-5s 5 Part diff., Fully Automated Hematology Cell Counters

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  • MS9-5s 5 represents a totally brand new and innovative concept of a5-part differential blood cell counters.
  • Fully digital, the results are processed in real time on screen.
  • The Windows application allows a total flexibility and compatibility with all kinds of applications and printers.
  • User friendly and powerful software.
  • Large & high resolution color display.
  • Unique color printout.
  • Efficient quality control program perfectly meets all demanding worldwide standards.
  • The most effective solution for quality analysis.
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  • Methods & Technology:
    • Electronic impedance with CVDC® (Chamber Voltage Digital Control)
    • FDMC® (Flow Cell Digital Meter) clot detection system
    • Scattergrams nucleus-plasma-density/volume
    • Cytochemistry (Specific differential lysing reagent for eosinophils)
    • Spectrophotometry with Drapkins method for Hb measurement
    • Double sequential dilution
  • Main Medical Features:
    • Available 33 Parameters:
      • WBC, Lym%, Lym#, Mon%, Mon#, Neu%, Neu#, Eo%, Eo#, Ba%, Ba#, ABL%, ABL#, IC%, IC#, RBC, Hb, MCV, Hct, MCH, MCHC, RDW-CV, RDW-SD, uRBC%, Macro RBC%, THR, MPV, Pct, PDW, Mode, Median, uTHR%, Macro THR%
    • Histograms:
      • WBC, scattergram (Lym, Mon, Neu, Ba), RBC, THR, Eo
    • Min/Max Range:
      • Programmable, displayed and printout
    • Blood Quantity:
      • From 15 to 50 µl. Programmable dilution rate
    • Throughout
      • 70 Samples/hour CBC +5-Diff
  • Technical Specifications:
    • ISOFLUX® diluent
    • TRANSFLUX® detergent
    • LEUCO5® 3-Diff Lysing Reagent
    • Eosinophils specific lysing reagent
    • Reference Hb HEMOREF®
  • Hardware Features:
    • Built-in PC computer
      • Pentium processor
      • Hard disk storage up to 50,000 tests or more (according to hard disk capacity)
      • Alphanumeric PC mini keaboard
      • Built-in Touchscreen TFT graphic color high resolution display
      • Analysis backup and help manual on CD ROM
      • 2 RS232 mono and/or bi-directional transmission
      • Ethernet port
    • All external communication drivers Windows compatible
      • All types of Windows compatible printers
      • Barcode reader (optional)
      • Specific connection with autosampler (MSA-2, optional)
  • Software Features:
    • Windows applications multitask and multifunction
  • Results:
    • Displayed on touchscreen TFT graphic color screen
    • Volumetric histograms for RBC and THR
    • WBC scattergram (Lym, Mon, Neu, Ba)
    • Eosinophils channel with volumetric histogram
  • Printout
    • Multiple type printing format totally programmable
    • External Window compatible printer
  • Data Storage:
    • Hard Disk storage up to 50,000 tests
    • Analysis backup on CD ROM & USB Drives
  • Languages:
    • Multiple units and languages available
  • Digital Banks:
    • Digital pre-programmed banks: male, female, child, newborn
    • Up to 200 digital blood banks programmable by operator
  • Quality Control:
    • Full international compliance
    • Quality control program includes Levy-Jennings histograms, Mean X and Westgard rules


70 Samples/hour
Width 340 mm
420 mm
370 mm
20 Kg
110-220 Volt/50-60 Hz 200 VA (automatic commutation)


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