UREA UV – Randox Reagents

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  • 10×50 ml
  • 500 T
  • Stability / each Vial: 30 days
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Urea is synthesized in the liver from ammonia, as a result of the deamination of amino acids. This biosynthetic pathway is the chief means of the excretion of surplus nitrogen by the body. Measurements obtained by this test are used in the diagnosis of renal and metabolic disorders, most frequently kidney disorders. More than 60 of the kidney must be destroyed before plasma urea levels are significantly raised. This test is most frequently used in conjunction with serum creatinine for increased protein levels (cardiac decompensation, water depletion).

Key Benefits:

  • Applications Available: For a wide variety of clinical chemistry analyzers including the RX series
  • Strong Correlation: The Urea assay showed a correlation coefficient of 0.9935 against another commercially available method
  • Liquid & lyophilized reagents available: Offering convenience & choice

Randox Urea (Enzymatic Kinetic)

  • Enzymatic Kinetic method
  • Liquid ready-to-use reagents
  • Stable to expiry when stored at 2-8 Degrees Celsius
  • Measuring range 0.510-50.5 mmol/l in serum and plasma
  • Applications available


Urea - randox


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