VEDA.LAB Easy Reader+ POC Reader

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  • POC Reader+ allows quantitative measurements from fingerpick whole blood samples using rapid lateral flow test
  • The instrument includes the most advanced and up-to-date technologies (Touch Screen, Enhanced Memory, Internet Upgrading, etc.)
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  • Available Qualitative Rapid Tests:
    • Adenovirus, BNP, C.d. Toxin A, C.d. Toxin B, C.d. GDH, hCG (10 min), hCG (5 min), Influenza A, Influenza B, Legionella, Rotavirus, RSV, Strep. A, Strep. pneumoniae, Tetanos, Tuberculosis
  • Available Quantitative Rapid Tests:
    • AFP, CA-125, CA 15-3, CA 19-9, Calprotectin, CEA, CK-MB, Cortisol, C-peptide, CRP (Laboratory or doctor’s office), HS-CRP (Laboratory or doctor’s office), Cystatin C, D-Dimer, FABP, Ferritin, FOB, FSH, HbA1c, Hb-Total, hCG, beta-hCG, IgE, Insulin, HS-Insulin, LH, Microalbumin, Myoglobin, Procalcitonin, Prolactin, HS-Prolactin, PSA (quantitative or semi-quantitative), PSA Free, Total T3, Total T4, Transferrin, Troponin I, TSH, HS-TSH, ULTRA-TSH
  • Coming Soon Rapid Tests:
    • BNP, HBsAb, Progesterone, Testosterone
  • Veterinary Use: Available Quantitative Rapid Tests:
    • Cortisol, CRP Canine, SAA, Total Hb, Total T4


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